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Women’s Voices

“Lets us now praise women who have faith in women’s voices”

This isn’t just a book about women or about exile; this is a book about human experience.

We invite you to become part of it, and to discover your own creativity. Within the book there are spaces for you to reflect on your own experiences, to write or share your point of view.

Ironically, this book came about because funding for the Northern Refugee Centre’s Refugee Women’s Development Project was coming to an end. All those involved in the RWDP are volunteers who act as women’s advocates. We also lobby, campaign, consult, facilitate workshops and organise events. From our initial idea of producing a recipe booklet to raise funds for the project’s continuation, our horizons were broadened by the enthusiasm and creativity of the participants.

Other women’s groups were invited to get involved and River Wolton was approached to run the creative writing workshops. Daniel Pinder ran the workshops in web design. We felt strongly that we didn’t want the RWDP to just end abruptly like so many other projects we have been involved in. We have been inspired and motivated to carry on, using our individual skills.

A group of us have now set up Development and Empowerment for Women’s Advancement (DEWA).  We hope that this project will raise awareness of diversity and integration, and of the issues facing the thousands of displaced women who are living in South Yorkshire. There are approximately 50 million uprooted people around the world – refugees who have sought safety in another country, as well as people displaced within their own country. 75-80 per cent of them are women and children.

You know WHO I AM!

I am a woman who creates the meaning

of times, days and life.

I am a woman, who coloured the sea, the land

and the sky.

We welcome your voice. Go to “About Us” for details. We also invite you to send your writing and views to us.

Since the book was launched on October 11th, the response has been amazing. We have now sold out and are looking to reprint as soon as possible! Over the next few weeks we will also to be talking to the book’s contributors to see how it has changed their lives. This is what Violet, a DEWA member, had to say: ‘Being involved with the Women’s Voices project and writing for the book was a big confidence builder. It empowered me. Now, if I needed to, I would go to 10 Downing Street and knock on David Cameron’s door. Before Women’s Voices, I would have bit my tongue and said not in my life time! If there’s something I want to say, I can stand up and talk. It gave me a vision of how I can empower women.’


Published by CAM Yorkshire
58 Ward Street, Penistone S36 6EP
in collaboration with:
Global Issues<>Local Action at Northern College
Designed by Ritch Partridge
ISBN 978-0-9532423-5-1
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  1. sylvaine vaucher permalink
    September 30, 2010 8:33 am

    Can you also put the twitter button ? Thanks for what you do.


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