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About Us

Development and Empowerment for Women’s Advancement (DEWA) is an organisation with a clear vision: equality, dignity and respect for all women worldwide.

Before founding DEWA, all group members were active volunteers within the refugee community in South Yorkshire, in particular for the Refugee Women’s Development Project (RWDP) based at the Northern Refugee Centre.  The project was due to come to an end in September 2010 due to a loss of funding. We initially decided to launch the Women’s Voices project to celebrate both the work the RWDP had achieved and the voices of women now living in South Yorkshire. Thanks to the support of our funders, colleagues and friends, as well as the dedication and enthusiasm of the team, the Women’s Voices project quickly took on a life of its own. What had originally started out as a recipe booklet turned into a published book of poems, stories and recipes produced by a diverse group of women from different cultures and communities, as well as a website to match! As the project grew, so did our confidence in our skills and our belief that we didn’t want to stop the work we were doing. Our response was to found DEWA  (Development and Empowerment for Women’s Advancement), a project that will enable us to continue:

Our Vision:

Equality, dignity and respect for all women worldwide.

Our Aim:

To support women to reach their full potential.

Our Objectives:

At grassroots level DEWA will:

  • Conduct in house training and outreach work within the community to develop and enhance women’s skills.
  • Promote education, health and awareness of rights.

Work tailored to local needs to include:

  • Training, workshops and events.
  • Campaigning on issues affecting women.
  • Mentoring and advocacy work.
  • Development of self help and support groups.

At policy level DEWA will:

Raise organisations and policy makers’ awareness of issues affecting women and good practice through:

  • Training, workshops and events.
  • Lobbying and campaigning on issues affecting women.
  • Representatives on decision making bodies including LSPs.
  • Research, consultation and information.
  • Being community contacts for provision of women for organisation’s courses, events and consultations. E.g. police, councils and NHS

Our Values:

  • We will work with dignity, respect and equality for all no matter what age, ethnicity, sexuality, religion etc.
  • We will work to support the most vulnerable women within society. However, we will value, encourage and recognise their skills, ability and experiences.
  • We will work collaboratively with partners with similar values and ethos to achieve our aims and to better support women.
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