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Why do we need webskills?

September 17, 2010


Group webskills courseThe term web skills bombarded  my mind with questions. The first question that came to my mind was ‘what skills do we need to interact on the web?’ It’s as easy as learning your ABC, I thought to my self , even my six year old has become a professional.

When I first walked into the web skills course classroom I thought that it would be a very long boring day. When the introduction was laid out I was baffled at how little I knew about the web I browse through everyday. This course took me to a deeper understanding of the web, you don’t  only learn about browsing but actually creating  and updating your own website – imagine how amazing that is, every time we browse  through the web the thought of how those web sites were created never cross our minds!

The couse has given me and my colleagues the power to create our own website. According to the group, we found it beneficial because of the easy access it has given us to the web, we have been equipped with skills we can make use of everyday. It has made the women’s group more powerful and independent.

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